Posted by Petra MacDougall on Jun 17 2018 at 07:31AM PDT

WOWzers what a day!

Tomorrow is scheduled at Pemberton on the beaconlittleleague site for 10 am which means we arrive at 9 am please.

Good morning!!
Please have your girls prepared with water, sunscreen and a snack.

There was also this notice around the round robin:
Top two teams in Sat Round Robing games play in the final. Round robin tie breaker procedures based on (1) Best won-lost record, (2) Result of head-to-head match ups, and, if two teams are still tied, (3) Runs-allowed ratio ([# runs given up] / [# defensive half innings played]). If this helps anyone understand how the champs are decided.

Just wanna quickly say that I love this team and your girls they are lovely people, with courage, depth, caring OH I could go on…AND have come a long way with their softball skills and know how.

Let’s remind the girls that we can only ever do our best and to do our best we come prepared and focused. That goes for me too ;)


Camryn is looking for her hat, can you please look inside your daughters hat to make sure that she indeed has her own hat and maybe check your bag for Camryn’s hat. Many thanks.

We also were discussing a get together for a wrap up. We just came home from Gary’s team and it was special . I think we should do the same.

Looking forward to it,
Coach P


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